Mesopotamia Consultants offers customized solutions to help your business enter and succeed in Turkey, Middle Eastern markets and European markets. Our network of contacts with trade specialists, legal advisors, financial specialists and public authorities will work with you through every step of the market entry process.
Furthermore we help you develop projects together with local partners by support in project initiation, designing and execution



Market entry



In order to make your market entry successful in the Middle East careful preparation is needed. Due to different regulations, market practices and business cultures  customized solutions are needed for market entry. We will help you to select the best fitting market entry strategy for your product and/or services and implement the market entry strategy by helping you with:

  • Developing business plans for market entry

  • Matchmaking: supporting trade-missions and finding suitable,  reliable and qualified agents/distributors and business partners

  • Providing market research

  • Giving advice on legal, fiscal and other regulations

  • Overcome potential challenges or trade barriers 

  • Translation services: Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic


Project development



The Middle East has a dynamic development and is in need of knowledge, expertise, services and products for (public) infrastructure. Mesopotamia invests in market research and contacts to monitor these developments in order to detect market opportunities for strong sectors of the Dutch economy to create opportunities. Interesting opportunities are identified and possible business partners approached. Mesopotamia supports in project initiation, project development and project execution.




Mesopotamia promotes transfer of expertise and educating young  people in modern technologies and skills. We strive for Integrating scholarships, exchange of students and academic staff, training of local staff into projects and as separate activities. 




We offer support  in finding solutions and selecting the best options to increase your financial power and decrease your risk while designing the financing of your plans.  We will help you to select the best options for financing and support you in the formulation of your plans in order to increase the chances  on external financial support. External support meaning loans, grants, risk capital and/or other international financing instruments. Expertise is available both on private financing, public financing in the Netherlands and local financing and fiscal instruments in the region.